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The Tree – 2017

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Urban Art & Design

The artistic intervention resides in the pedestrian space in front the access of IES “Diego Velázquez”, transforming the urban environment. Intervenes in a public space by introducing color. The colors envelop the passer-by as he crosses the place and traverses the shapes. It reflect the 4 seasons in the treetop. Using geometry again as a structure of design, a living, “fresh” and cheerful space is achieved.


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A study about the color, the circle and the moment. Through geometry, the artwork composes and interprets a particular moment, filling the space with color. A particular moment determines the time.


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Madrid – July, 2016

“I’ve found a message…”

Resolution: HD. Video code: (HQ) H.264 MP4. Video Data Rate: 6Mbs. Audio: Stereo. Play mode: Loop. Loop duration: 4′ 15” (6375 frs.) Version – Unique. Available for any display device.

“The house of water”(site-specific)

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August 10th – 16th. 2015 Samokov, Bulgaria
The Big Fontain (17th century) (site-specific)
International Painting & Sculpture Symposium – Samokov 2015
Curator: Radostina Doganova
The visual gradation from the real to the abstract, the modulation and the envelope of the selected area with the structural elements derived from the characteristics of the movement, the presence and behavior of the water is the main foundation of this temporary action.
Technical specifications:
80m2 color low density polyethylene (80 M2 blue)
32 m horizontal supports
Height: 5 m

“Funnycross” Urban Art&Design

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Torrelodones, Madrid – April, 2015

FUNNYCROSS uses zebra crossings to intervene in the urban landscape. The metaphor “A bridge between two shores” is the starting point of this artistic intervention. Using simple geometrical designs and saturated colours reinforces the specific signaling and creates a touch of colour in our urban landscape. This action, parallel to the art concept, fights toward improving driver and pedestrian focus, by enhancing respect for zebra crossing using its visual impact.