Symbiosis 2019

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Immersive Suspended Sound Installation. 3rd International Biennial of Andorra, June 14th – Sept 14th, 2019

“Symbiosis” is focused on forests, their health and magic and visualize the poetry that the Nature always hides. The pleasure of walking through the forest, renewing with their energy and sounds are irreplaceable. To remember and to reinforce our primordial connection with nature, this is the goal so the installation advocates.

The sound of the mobile elements leads us to remember the balance of the ecological past in the history of humanity. It is an active and random element, it appears and disappears with the wind.

The other actor is the color, its introduction into the landscape is a constant factor. Reinforcing the verticals of the forest and stylizes its elevation.

Parallel Horizons | DLC 2018

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Parallel worlds?

Our life takes place within a random universe. We are probably the biological vehicle of the will of the Whole, to expand its universal laws within the global order and we probably do not have relevance with our actions, but what temporary reality do we want to see, live and feel?

Technical Specification:
Resolution: HD. Video code: (HQ) H.264. Video Data Rate: 20Mbs. Audio: Stereo. Play mode: Loop. Loop duration: 5′ 32” (8300 frs.) Version – Unique. Available for any display device.

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Color Mobile 2018

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“COLOR MOBILE” Kinetic (site-specific) Art Installation. Villemur, Toulouse.

Rivers are a source of life, energy. Historically, the Tarn River has been used, among other things, to produce electricity through the hydroelectric turbines of the Brusson plant, now abandoned.
This installation seeks to recall this moment in the history of Villemur sur Tarn, emotionally connecting the past with the present. Color and movement are the key elements of this kinetic installation.
Wood, polycarbonate, vinyl, metal.

Diameter 3 m Width 0.5 m.

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Lego Bridge 2017 – 2021

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Urban Art & Design

The artistic intervention seeks to break the gravity, the volume and the great weight of the intervened object. Through color the project smooths the bridge’s silhouette, adding a dimension of sensibility to the space.

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The Tree – 2017

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Urban Art & Design

The artistic intervention resides in the pedestrian space in front the access of IES “Diego Velázquez”, transforming the urban environment. Intervenes in a public space by introducing color. The colors envelop the passer-by as he crosses the place and traverses the shapes. It reflect the 4 seasons in the treetop. Using geometry again as a structure of design, a living, “fresh” and cheerful space is achieved.


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A study about the color, the circle and the moment. Through geometry, the artwork composes and interprets a particular moment, filling the space with color. A particular moment determines the time.


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Madrid – July, 2016

“I’ve found a message…”

Resolution: HD. Video code: (HQ) H.264 MP4. Video Data Rate: 6Mbs. Audio: Stereo. Play mode: Loop. Loop duration: 4′ 15” (6375 frs.) Version – Unique. Available for any display device.


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Madrid – December, 2015

An audiovisual performance based on an aleatory overlapping lines, filling the space and interacting with each other, forming a tangle and leaving flashes of color.

“The house of water”(site-specific)

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August 10th – 16th. 2015 Samokov, Bulgaria
The Big Fontain (17th century) (site-specific)
International Painting & Sculpture Symposium – Samokov 2015
Curator: Radostina Doganova

The visual gradation from the real to the abstract, the modulation and the envelope of the selected area with the structural elements derived from the characteristics of the movement, the presence and behavior of the water is the main foundation of this temporary action.

Technical specifications:

80m2 color low density polyethylene (80 M2 blue)
32 m horizontal supports
Height: 5 m